1. Will I be charged a fee for moving into a home that I found through the app?

Taste Recovery does not charge the user a fee for using the app, nor do we make commission when someone moves into a sober living home from our app.

2. What happens if the sober living I move into is not the right fit?

Each sober living has different contracts regarding if and when they refund someone once they have moved in, which needs to be discussed further with the owner of that sober living. We are a third party and are not responsible for the sober living homes. However, we would greatly appreciate a review of the home once you have moved in.

3. I’ve never been to a sober living, how do I know what questions to ask to make sure it is the right place for me?

This is a personal decision and will be different for everyone, but focus on what truly matters to you. If you are looking for a house with women your age, you can ask the owner or house manager what the age range is in the house through our messaging system. If you are nervous about too many women sharing a bathroom, you can ask how many women share each bathroom in the house. If you have to wake up early every morning for work, you can ask what the quiet hours are and are they actually implementing this rule? If you are looking for a very structured home to keep you accountable, you can ask how many meetings are required each week and how does the house manager check? Does the sober living have you sign a meeting card? There are so many important questions to ask, but it truly depends on what the individual feels is important to their sobriety and serenity. This is why we have set up the messaging system, so you can have all of your questions answered and you can feel sure about this next move.

4. Can I schedule a tour with a sober living home prior to moving in?

Absolutely! We have made this step easy through our app so that you can tour as many sober homes as possible. This is a big decision and we encourage tours if you are in the area and can do so!

5. How can I add my sober living to your website?

Create an account on the app and state that you own a sober living. You can add your sober living homes information through the profile icon, including pictures, house rules, and so much more.

6. My sober living is not well known and would love to be a promoted house on your app, how does this work?

Once you have created a profile and uploaded your sober living, you can then upgrade your house to a promoted home through our ad services.