Taste Recovery was founded to support those seeking a safe refuge and a new start. The definition of taste is to discover through experience. With knowledge of what sober living homes are out there, we hope to give you the best options to rediscover yourself.

There is a lack of resources to help those looking to start a solid foundation in early recovery. We have heard the desperation from addicts, alcoholics, and their fearful loved ones. Early sobriety is difficult and a time when addicts are at their most vulnerable. It is imperative that there is a trusted resource where individuals can go to find a home that is safe, secure, and supportive as they launch their recovery.

Taste Recovery wants to shine a light on this industry in a positive way. We hope to highlight the professionals that are doing everything in their power to ensure a safe, stable, and sober environment, while providing structure and support to those that live in their homes.

Taste Recovery offers those searching for a sober living an opportunity to find a home that best fits their individual needs. We believe that this will benefit each individual’s recovery by providing a new community that offers confidence and security. Recovery transcends when addicts and alcoholics find their sober tribe. We can’t do this alone. It takes a village, a home, a tribe, a community. Let us be a part of your journey as you trudge the road to happy destiny.